• Extra services

Extra services

Ne dăm seama că achiziționarea unei mașini poate fi uneori o provocare administrativă și logistică; oferim clienților noștri o experiență fără probleme cu serviciile noastre.

Cerere declaratia vamala de export EX-A

We support our non-EU clients by preparing their EX-A customs export declaration. So as to ensure that your documentation is ready in a timely manner, we kindly request that your demand be submitted to us at least 1 working day before the purchased vehicle is collected… read more

Primește o reducere pentru noaptea ta de hotel

In case you are looking for an accommodation close to eCarsTrade (and enjoy a promotion) we offer two solutions: Panorama hotel with a discount of 5% (depending on type of room) or B-Aparthotels where a discount code of -15% can be received from eCartrade on request… read more