• Quality compliance

Quality compliance

Given eCarsTrade’s close collaboration with leading European leasing companies, all our listed vehicles had a maintenance contract with their official brand dealerships. This means that all the cars on our website come with a complete service history. Therefore, the mileage of each car is guaranteed.

Each vehicle is subject to a careful inspection by professional and independent experts. Their detailed photos and appraisal reports ensure that eCarsTrade clients base their shopping experience on the authentic state of the vehicles and by assessing all defects found via the detailed online picture album or in the experts’ appraisal reports.

Should a discrepancy be found by our quality assurance team between the independent expert's appraisal report and the actual state of the car all necessary efforts to resolve the problem are undertaken*.

* Depending on the supplier and the type of problem, the range of solutions may include:

  1. Defect repair by the supplier
  2. Financial compensation for the related repair costs
  3. Cancelation of the auction purchase and reimbursement of the amount paid {ONLY when solutions “a)” and “b)” are unsuccessful or impossible}.


In case you find a defect not mentioned in the description of the car at the moment of collection of the vehicle, please inform eCarsTrade immediately. Any and all hidden defects must be brought to the company’s attention within 1 working day after collection of the car. If the purchased vehicle is transported from our warehouse to your final destination point via a transport company, the complaint should be mentioned in the CMR or the delivery documents. In case the damage is not specified in the CMR or in the delivery documents the complaint will not be accepted.

We will do our utmost to satisfy our customers’ needs as soon as possible.

For the complaint to be accepted it should meet the following requirements:

  1. In case of body damage, claimed reparations have to be proven either by a photo, or an expert's report made by the official dealership containing the technical issue
  2. The amount in question is greater than 200€
  3. In case of defects, your claim is to be submitted before the vehicle has travelled more than 50 km from the mileage indicated on the purchase invoice.

In some cases, it may be necessary to provide an Expert damage report, issued by the official dealership, to eCarsTrade. The cost of the Expert damage report is to be borne by the customer.

Please note that some damages are considered as normal due to the age and mileage of the vehicle. See the below list of unacceptable complaints below:

Unacceptable Technical Complains

  • Defective (not working) headlight bulbs
  • Empty battery
  • Bald tires (tyres without tread)
  • Used flywheel if car has run more than 100.000 km
  • Not Cooling Air Conditioner
  • Unchanged/not replaced timing belt or distribution chain
  • Used brake pads and/or discs
  • No radio antenna
  • Missing GPS driver (disk or SD card)
  • Particulate filter
  • Missing spare tire or emergency car kit
  • Wheel bearer
  • Defective shock absorbers
  • Belt idler
  • No timly maintenance service
  • Oil stain on the engine
  • Missing certifiacte of conformity
  • Missing second car key
  • Missing engine cover
  • Missing plastic car bottom 


 Unacceptable exterior and interior Complains

    1) Exterior complains
  • Paint chips on the hood
  • Windshield chips
  • Scratches (smaller than 2 cm)
  • Scratches that can be polished
  • Scratches on the wheel rim
  • Scratches on the rear-view mirrors
  • Scratches on the car body plastic (the one without lacquering)
  • Missing car logo
  • Parts that have been well repainted
  • Missing wheel covers (nave plate)
  • Cracked fog-lights
    2) Interior complains
  • Foul odor (bad smell)
  • Stains on the seats
  • Missing cigarette lighter
  • Cracks on simili leather
  • Dirty interior
  • Used leather
  • Missing trunk shielding cargo cove