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General Questions

Who can use eCarsTrade?

The platform is addressed to automotive professionals. Therefore, the registration is exclusively provided to relevant companies and traders (for both EU and non-EU clients). We don't work with private individual via eCarsTrade, but they are always welcome to check our stock offers at mobile.de and autoscout24.com

What is the deposit and what does it give?

After the registration and your company documents acceptance, you will get Silver status, which gives you the permission to buy cars from Our Stock.
To buy from Auctions and Fixed Prices we will ask you to top up the Security Deposit. It guarantees your solvability to pay for the cars, which you win.

The deposit can be withdrawn at any time providing that all your transactions are completed and the notice about the withdrawal is given at least two weeks in advance.


In what cases eCarsTrade reserve the right to ask for a deposit?

If, for any reason, the client doesn’t respect his contractual obligations, the deposit will be used to cover the financial loss of eCarsTrade caused by the misconduct of the user.

For example: refuse the payment after winning at an auction, cancel purchase for personal reasons, etc...


What is the difference between Auction, Fixed Price and Our Stock?

There are several ways to purchase a vehicle:

  • Auctions (Blind, Open, Fixed Price) - available only for users with the Security Deposit. The cars listed in those sections belong to our partners (leasing companies, dealerships, banks, etc..). eCarsTrade provides the ability to make the bids for our partners' cars, so that If you win at the auction or buy from the Fixed Price, we would organize the purchase and delivery process to the warehouse in Belgium.
  • Our Stock - available for all Silver users. The cars listed with the Tag 'At Warehouse' belong to eCarsTrade.


Why my account was blocked?

There are few main reasons why your account could be blocked:

  • You hadn't used our platform more than 6 months, never buy or bid, didn't provide the documents.
  • You bought a car, but your payment was expired more than 20 days.
  • We noticed the suspicious activity or misconduct.
To unblock the account, please complete the payment for your purchases or contact with our customer support.


Why can I only order some of the Extra Services once the car is ready for pick-up?

To order the Extra services such as hotel discount (or booking), ordering transit license plates or contacting our privileged logistic service providers, it is necessary to indicate the exact dates when those services will take place. To do so, you will need the exact date when the vehicle will be ready for pick-up. As a delay can occur due to the logistics involved, an exact date cannot be known before the car is transported to our warehouse (nor can we guarantee when your vehicle’s status changes to “vehicle to be collected”).

Pricing & Payments

Do prices include transport?

eCarsTrade commission includes only transportation to our warehouse in Belgium, where you or your transportation partner can pick-up the car.
Transportation to the final destination is not provided now, but we can help you to find the transportation company.

Are prices at eCarsTrade VAT inclusive or exclusive?

There is two types of price you can see at eCarsTrade:

  • 'Ⓓ Deductible VAT' - most prices at our platform listed excluding VAT (net price).
  • 'Ⓜ Margin: VAT not deductible' - in rare cases, if the car is bought from private person price includes VAT (gross) and can't be deducted.


What payment methods do you accept?

To top up the Security Deposit - you can use online payment or bank transfer.
To pay for the cars - only Bank Transfer is allowed. Additionally, there are few regulations:

  • Payment should be done from the company account.
  • Money should be transferred from the country where you company is registered.


Do I have to pay VAT? If yes, what is the VAT amount of a purchase?

All cars at eCarsTrade are sold from Belgium, so the VAT amount depends on the country of destination and the car type.
Below, you can see the rules applicable for you based on the details of your vehicle.

Car Type Destination VAT
VAT deductible car Belgium 21% - VAT Included
EU (except Belgium)

0% - VAT Excluded

VAT would be declared in the country of final destination.
Outside EU

0% - VAT Excluded

You need to pay the full VAT amount (21%) as a guarantee. You could claim this amount after the purchased vehicle crosses the EU and the EX-A document is officially registered by the EU border inspection point.
Ⓜ Margin car Any VAT already included to the vehicle price, it can not be deducted.

Purchase process

Why I can't bid at auctions?

To get access to Auctions and Fixed Price cars, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Attach your Personal ID and Company Documents
  2. Top up the Security Deposit
If you have done all of it, but still unable to bid, contact our customer support please.


Within how many days do I have to pay for the car and the extra services?

The car payment has to be made by bank transfer within 2 working days starting from the moment you receive the car award notification by email, or on your personal page.
Extra services have to be paid in cash directly at the warehouse of eCarsTrade, at the time of vehicle collection.

How many days do I have to pick-up the car from the warehouse?

The maximum parking duration is 10 working days, starting from the moment you receive the Pick-up email notification or from the moment the car gets the status “vehicle to be collected” on your personal page.
Starting from the 11th working day, a surcharge of 5 EUR will be charged for each extra parking day.

Export outside the EU

Do I need to pay the VAT for export outside EU?

No, but as a Non-EU customer, you will have to make a deposit representing the full amount of the VAT due. If you want to reimbursement VAT, you also need to order the EX-A document.
You are able to claim the VAT after the purchased vehicle crosses the EU and after the EX-A document is officially registered by the EU border inspection point.
Before making the request for the reimbursement please check the car’s export status by going to the following Export MRN Follow-up (international movements only) link of the European Commission.